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My website uses the following tracking technologies to process personal data:


Google Consent Mode allows Google tracking technology (for both analytics and advertising) to operate differently in the case where the user hasn't consented to having their personal data processed. In this case, measurements are taken from the website as it's being used, but without anything being stored on the user's device (no cookies, nothing in local storage), and without any user identifiers being included with the measurements. The measurements have the last three octets of the user's IP address removed before they are delivered to Google. Google uses these measurements to support modelling that estimates the data that might have been collected from the users who didn't consent to being tracked.

Google Analytics is software used on this website to measure its audience so that I can make the website better.

This website does not use Google Analytics to process its users' location at city-level or any greater level of location detail. It does not either use Google Analytics to process its users' granular device details. Read more about this configuration.

User-level data collected from the users of this website processed by Google Analytics is deleted for any user who hasn't returned to the website within two months.

You can use the switch below to disable Google Analytics on this website; but if you also want to block GA on the other sites you visit, you can use Google's Opt-out Browser Add-on

To help me in my work in advertising, I test Google's advertising technology by using Activity ("Floodlight") tracking code for Campaign Manager 360, which is the ad server component of Google Marketing Platform. I also use tracking code for Google Ads, which is Google's Paid Search advertising platform.

Data collection for Google Signals is enabled when users consent to their personal data being processed in relation to advertising. (If consent for analytics has been granted, but not advertising, Google Analytics operates without collecting data for Google Signals.)

Google Signals is Google's solution for resolving the identity of user across the several different devices and browsers they might use. It supports audience measurement, as well as personalised advertising for users who have consented to it.

You can control the tracking technologies on this website using the switches below.


These privacy preferences are recorded using a cookie. If, after flipping one of these switches, you clear the cookies set by, then the next time you look at one of the website's pages, you may need to return to this page to set your privacy choices again.