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My website uses the following tracking technologies:

This is software that measures a website’s audience. Google Analytics can be used to report the geographic location of a website’s visitors and the organisation associated with their IP address (when you’re at home, this might be your internet service provider; but if you’re at work, this might be the name of your company). Among the other detail it reports is the types of devices the audience is using.

You can use the switch below to disable Google Analytics on this website; but if you also want to block GA on the other sites you visit, you can use Google's Opt-out Browser Add-on
This is enabled with a configuration setting in Google Analytics. It uses Google's advertising technology to add to GA's functionality, so that it can be used to define advertising audience targets, to measure ad impressions delivered via Google's Display Network, and to report users' demographic and interest profile.

I don't use any Google advertising products personally, so GA Advertising Features on this website is only for Demographics and Interest Reporting in GA; and not for targeting or measuring advertising. Demographics and Interest Reporting reports the website's visitors' apparent age, gender and interests. This information is normally used for planning and targeting advertising.

If you choose to disable GA Advertising Features on kevinjoyner.com, then a command is added to the GA technology on the site's pages, which prevents Advertising Features from operating.
Google Tag Manager (or 'GTM') is a tag management system: a technology that allows the delivery of other technologies into a website or mobile app. It’s controlled from a central panel, and changes can be made without the need to modify the code of the website or app itself. It’s particularly useful if you want to send the same piece of data to multiple places, or if you want to make the job of changing or upgrading the tracking technology on your website easy. All the other technologies mentioned above are delivered into my website by GTM.

Nobody uses GTM alone to collect any data about website users, but even if a publisher doesn't put tracking technology into their GTM container, GTM does still offer reporting to website publishers about how often their GTM container is being loaded.


You can control the tracking technologies on this website using the switches below.

These choices are not effective on the site's AMP content, which is normally served from an AMP Project server. On the AMP pages, Google Analytics operates (without Advertising Features) through the AMP version of GTM.

Google Analytics
GA's Advertising Features
GTM (master switch)


These privacy preferences are recorded using cookies. If, after flipping one of these switches, you clear the cookies set by kevinjoyner.com, then the next time you look at one of the website's pages, you may be tracked again.

You can read more about my website's support for privacy choices in this blog post I wrote.