At the end of January, on Croud's blog, I covered Google's announcement of its planned move to login-based targeting on YouTube. Really, I'm writing now just to link to my Croud post. I write for Croud from time-to-time about industry developments; but this topic is of particular personal interest. It has a lot to do with control of personal data, and human respect. Over the course of this year, Google will take some first steps towards reducing the operation of the third party cookie in advertising technology. The number of businesses that sell You - your personal data, "audiences" for advertisers to target - could be reduced eventually from today's vast number, to just a handful. It's a positive move from the biggest company in digital advertising. I'm glad for the development; but I have slightly mixed feelings about the prospect of Google remaining the provider of that more positive future. It can't be a perfect solution - can it? - until control of personal data is independent from its monetisation. The image at the top of this post is cropped from a work by Christiaan Colen.