I've rebuilt my website and I'm going to start blogging again.
Here's a list of topics that I might cover:

  • Logitech Media Server, Raspberry Pi & Android renderers, and synchronised multi-room audio
  • Getting a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a broken screen up and running and usable as a Squeezebox player
  • Moving my web server to a virtual server and configuring Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP FPM, MariaDB, APCu, SSL certificates, and WordPress
  • Enhanced link attribution for Google Analytics, and not using JavaScript to add IDs to your link elements
  • Running your own URL shortening service
  • My website's privacy options

I'll update this post with links to the relevant pages once I write about these topics; but in the meantime, if you find this page and you've got a question, you could ask in the comments below.

This image featured in this post is by epSos .de.